Contracts & Agreements

Contract Requirements:

It is the responsibility of any party proposing the execution of a contract or agreement with Attraction Support Services (AttSS) or any of its clients to insure appropriate time is made available for the complete review and approval process. The review period should never be less than 10 business days. Additionally, anyone submitting a contract or agreement to AttSS must get the appropriate signature in order for the contract or agreement to be valid. Below are the signature requirements. Failure to insure sufficient time for thorough review shall not be used as a justification for requesting an expedited or abbreviated review or different authorized signature level.

Authorized/Required signature levels:

Property Level Authorized Notations
General Manager < $10,000 Above $10k, must have COO approval/sign-off
Regional Manager < $50,000 Above $50k, must have COO approval/sign-off
Technician Manager < $2,500 With approval from GM or Tech Director
Sales Manager < $3,000 With approval from GM and/or Corporate Sales Director
AttSS Authorized Notations
Controller < $50,000 Above $50k, must have COO signature
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing < $50,000 Above $50k, must have COO signature
Technician Director < $10,000 Above $10k, must have Regional Manager signature
COO/CEO < $500,000 Above $500k, must have Owner signature

Vendor/Supplier Opportunities:

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for any of the AttSS list of clients, please complete the following form:

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