Myrtle Beach WonderWorks Ticket Prices

While WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is currently closed, we are offering a $10 ticket that you can use for up to a year once we re-open!
Thank you for the support.
Purchase tickets HERE.

In line with state and federal guidance WonderWorks is closed until further notice. These closures are in an effort to remain ahead of the COVID-19 crisis and encourage social distancing. We will continue to provide updates as we get more information.


When will WonderWorks re-open?

We do not know. The situation changes daily. It would be premature to give an opening date during a constantly changing situation. Please stay safe! We are going to provide fun content on our Facebook page for kids who are stuck at home! Like us on:

Can I book a group for a future date?

Yes! We welcome group requests for the future! Please email with any group questions. Please mention which property you are interested in.

What if I bought tickets for this weekend or a future date?

Your tickets are valid for a year after the date of purchase. We will extend that expiration date for the amount of time we are closed.

If you need a refund please email your request

Any other questions?

Please email