Climate Change

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Climate change is change in weather patterns over a lengthy amount of time, such as decades or longer. The cause of climate change is global warming. The average temperature of the Earth has risen over the last century, and predictions are that they will rise even more over the next century.

What causes climate change? We now know that human activity is one of the largest contributors of climate change. Energy production through the burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The result of those greenhouse gas emissions is heat being trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. When these gases build up over time, it alters the Earth’s climate, as well as causes dangerous effects to human health and our ecosystems.

We can lessen our impact on the environment by changing the way we go about life. Small changes by each of us add up to diminish the greenhouse gases we are adding to the environment. At home, we can do things such as buying ENERGY STAR products, adjusting our heating and cooling temperatures, installing quality insulation, recycling, using water efficiently, composting and reducing the amount of garbage that your household is sending to landfills. At the office, you may help the environment by unplugging equipment that is not being used, use less energy for your commute, or finding out if your office building is ENERY STAR-qualified. Buying energy efficient vehicles is a great way to reduce those greenhouse gases. You may also check your tire pressure regularly, ensure proper maintenance of your car, and look for ways to improve your fuel economy. The next generation, our children, can be educated about climate change and their role in reducing greenhouse gases so that they learn from a young age, the important impact of their efforts.