Where Physical Science Meets Physical Fitness

Push! Pull! Climb! Feel! Live the experience! Featuring over 100 hands-on exhibits, WonderWorks is fun for all ages! Ride your own roller-coaster, encapsulate yourself in a bubble, lie on a bed of nails, analyze fingerprint ridge patterns, and feel hurricane force winds in your hair!

WonderWorks provides a unique setting for students K-12 to learn about physical sciences:

Earth Science – Explore Earth’s natural disasters and live to tell the story.

Physics – Experience energy, gravity and light.

Astronomy – Leave Earth behind and blast off into the stars.

“WonderWorks empowers students to ask questions of themselves and the world around them. They take their experiences home and to the classroom without even knowing it. My students love this field trip, and I love seeing the excitement on their faces around every corner.” Isauris B – Elementary School Teacher in Orlando

In addition to physical and earth sciences students will explore the history of Route 66, Ozark geography and eco-system, Branson history and America’s most significant contributions to science.

Upon request, WonderWorks can provide teachers with the following:

  • Grade Level Exhibit Alignments
  • Science Scavenger Hunts

WonderWorks offers lunch options for students visiting the facility. Please contact groups sales for pricing information and our available curriculum. Ready to book your group? Fill out the form below and get ready to experience the upside-down adventure.

  • Branson Field Trip

  • Branson Field Trip

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