Military Submission

Military Artifact Submission

WonderWorks honors members and families of the military. We work to showcase the different branches of the military as they relate to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers. Careers in STEM are growing at an exponential rate, and the armed forces work to provide the education and training needed for more young adults to fill STEM related job openings in the military.

WonderWorks Branson is home to the American Pride exhibit which showcases the various ways in which every branch of the military is involved in STEM education, going beyond the battlefield and into the classroom to inspire the next generation to lead by example.

If you have been involved directly or indirectly with the military and have an object, document or picture that you believe to be part of history and wish to have it on display at WonderWorks, please answer the following:

Please Note:

  • We have very limited space and can only accept a few items each year, but look for representation from all branches of military.
  • As a private museum, we do not have an archive, conduct research for individuals, or provide authentication services outside of our collection.
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