WonderKids 2021

What is a WonderKid? WonderWorks’ WonderKids program highlights student achievement in various categories including Academic Excellence, Service to Community & Future Scientist. Part of WonderWorks’ educational mission is to make science fun and entertaining. WonderKids is a way to recognize students in the community, not only the students who take an interest in science but for the student who excels in community engagement or excellence in education. We invite you to nominate the student of your choice in any of the following three categories:

Academic Excellence – This award will go to a student who displays excellence in academia. They exceed the expectations of their teachers and peers and realize the importance of educational rigor in their future.

Service to Community – This award will go to a student who goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others. They demonstrate compassion and a strong aptitude for self-awareness.

Future Scientist – This award will go to a student who exhibits passion when it comes to the sciences. They live each day as an innovator and discoverer, hoping to one day change the world through their love of science.

The 2021 WonderKids program is open to students from Missouri & Arkansas. Dates have not been announced yet. Please check back for updates.