Sphere We Go! WonderWorks Panama City Beach Unveils New STEM Exhibit Explaining Earth’s Spheres

Sphere We Go! WonderWorks Panama City Beach Unveils New STEM Exhibit Explaining Earth’s Spheres

Visitors to WonderWorks Panama City can check out a new exhibit focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The new exhibit, which is scheduled to open on April 2, 2021, will focus on the layers of the Earth’s spheres.

“We are excited for this new exhibit that will help us to understand the planet more,” said Michael Walsingham, general manager of WonderWorks Panama City Beach. “Our mission is to help make learning fun, and this exhibit is one more way we are doing that.”

The new exhibit focuses on the four different layers that make up the spheres of Earth. They include the lithosphere (or geosphere), hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. People will learn about each of the layers, as well as how they interact with one another. A volcano is one way they interact, and the exhibit explains how it happens. In addition to content and images about the layers, there is also a high-definition video that visually explains the concept. Plus, there is a 3D hologram exhibit to help enhance the experience (special glasses are not needed).

STEM education, according to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, focuses on teaching children real-world applications that help develop a variety of skill sets. Some of the skills children gain through STEM education include technology literacy, problem-solving, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and help prepare them for innovation. Finding ways to introduce them to STEM topics in a fun way can help to get them more interested.

“Whether your kids will be exploring the exhibit for fun or to enhance their education, they will not be disappointed,” added Walsingham. “We are excited to help people understand more about this planet we call home.”

To choose the name for this new exhibit, WonderWorks held a poll asking people to choose from three names. Employees and social media users weighed in, with the following being the outcome of the exhibit name poll: Sphere We Go! is the official new name of the exhibit.

A. Sphere We Go! – 51% of the vote
B. Get Outta Sphere! – 38%
C. Sphere Not These Earthly Layers! – 11%

WonderWorks Panama City Beach offers many STEM-related exhibits and activities all year long. There are also demonstrations, activities, virtual learning labs, science fair partnerships, homeschool days, and more. To get more information about the WonderWorks STEM programs, visit the site.