Space Fury

Space Fury 360°

Laser Tag meets Bumper Cars meets the Human Gyro!

Space Fury 360°, the ride, the game, the adventure! This amazing vehicle is controlled by you! Use one hand to move around the floor and the other to rotate 360 degrees! Drive while facing the ceiling, standing on your head, or while doing the Superman. Space Fury 360° is also equipped with a laser cannon to shoot targets located on other vehicles, the arena walls and even the arena ceiling. Space Fury 360° is part of the VIP Combo ticket.

For Your Safety

In order to make this activity as fun and safe as possible, some restrictions apply:

  • Must be at least 7 years old
  • Must be at least 48″
  • Maximum weight limit is 325 lbs
  • Anyone who is pregnant or has a serious heart condition or back problems can not ride Space Fury 360°