In partnership with the U.S. Army, WonderWorks lets guests train to become sharpshooters, see if they have what it takes to pass a PT test, and will take you up close and personal with the core values of a soldier.

WonderWorks also showcases the various ways in which every branch of the military is involved in STEM education, going beyond the battlefield and into the classroom to inspire the next generation to lead by example.

America and innovation go hand in hand. Whether it is innovation in science, the arts, technology, or medical research, America has been at the forefront of the world stage since Benjamin Franklin invented electricity and Thomas Edison constructed the first light bulb.

Why is America innovative? Why do we push ourselves to be number one? Freedom! Whether it is freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or freedom of the press, freedom leads to creativity and creativity leads to innovation. The American dream is about dreaming the impossible and then making the impossible happen.

Dive into America’s greatest achievements in our American Pride exhibit and theater.