Hurricane Special

Hurricane Day Special at
WonderWorks Orlando

$20 Tickets for ALL

Orlando Hurricane Deals
Has the storm passed, but school’s still closed? Don’t fret! WonderWorks is open and ready for some fun! Enjoy $20 tickets on Hurricane Days when local schools are closed and the kids are stuck at home. Let their imaginations run wild!

*Hurricane Day specials are only available on special occasions. Guests should check the official WonderWorks Orlando Facebook Page to confirm if a Hurricane Day special is happening after a storm has passed.

Hurricane Fun Facts

  • Most hurricanes will grow and live out in the ocean, but when they come toward land they can become dangerous and cause major damage.
  • Hurricanes rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere.
  • Hurricanes get their name from the World Meteorologist Organization and go in alphabetical order. Names can only be repeated after six years.