Light & Sound ZoneLIGHT & SOUND

Can you move like the speed of light?

Light moves at exactly 299,792,458 meters per second. As the clock runs down, test your speed and reflexes and press the buttons as they light up on the matrix. Try to beat the clock!

Light & Sound Zone


As you walk in front of this screen, watch as your shadow quickly multiplies into different colors and patterns!

Do you hear the music? Bust a few of your best moves in front of the screen and watch as every movement of your body is mirrored and multiplied in brilliant, vibrant colors.



The secret to this exhibit is the wall you pose in front of. When you stand directly in front of the wall and the flash appears, the portion of the wall that your body is covering is unable to absorb light. Your image on the wall has not become darker, but instead the rest of the wall has become lighter.

shadow wall

Listen to the countdown and strike a pose in “3-2-1…FREEZE!” An image of your shadow will appear before your eyes! Have you ever wondered what your shadow really looks like?



The piano is one of the most interesting and versatile instruments; most appropriately named “The King of Instruments” because it is one of the largest.

Jump from key to key on this giant piano and play music with your feet!

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