From understanding pulleys to playing virtual sports, from lying on a bed of nails to climbing there is no shortage of physical exertion at WonderWorks. Lay on a bed of nails! Explore the principles of pressure & more!


Every great scientist knows that pressure is the application of force to the surface of an object. When you step on a single nail, your foot puts a large amount of force onto the small surface area of that nail, easily piercing your skin.

What do you think will happen when you lie down on…

5895 NAILS?


Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Coil around 1891 to investigate the electrical realm of high-voltage, low-current, and high-frequency. Some Tesla Coils create electric fields powerful enough to generate electricity to wirelessly power up a fluorescent light up to 50 feet away.

Become a human lightning rod as you place your hand through a mesh, steel armor glove and watch while the Tesla Coil emits …


VOLTS of ELECTRICITY to your fingers!