Top 5 Things to do in Myrtle Beach

Top 5 Things to do in Myrtle Beach – WonderWorks Shares Its Top Attractions

With over 19 million visitors per year, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a popular family destination. One top attraction in Myrtle Beach making the list for many families WonderWorks. Whether you are visiting the area or are a resident, there is a lot of fun waiting to be had at WonderWorks. The upside-down building may be what catches the eye, but once you are inside, there is a world of fun and educational activities to explore at this family fun attraction.

“When you are looking for family-friendly things to do in Myrtle Beach, we top the list,” explains Robert Stinnett, general manager at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach. “We offer over 100 exhibits to explore and interact with, providing fun for the whole family.”

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach bills itself as an indoor amusement park for the mind. Combine that with the fact that kids learn best when they are having fun, and it’s a winning combination for the whole family to enjoy. With a wide variety of interactive exhibits and activities, there’s something for everyone.

Here are the top five things to do at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach:

  • Physical Challenge Zone – This is a zone where people can have fun, get physical, and learn science while they are at it. From lying on a bed of nails to using pulleys to hoist themselves up to creating bubbles big enough to fit inside, there’s loads of physical fun to be had.
  • Zipline& Ropes Course – The Solar+Explorezipline and ropes course offers an outdoor adventure that has people soaring 50 feet above water. The ropes course spans three levels and is 40 feet tall, giving guests 33 different challenging elements to maneuver.
  • Extreme Weather Zone – We could all stand to learn a little more about extreme weather, and this zone gives guests the opportunity to do just that. The zone features a Tesla coil to become a human lightning rod, a hurricane shack, and a freezing water challenge.
  • Space Discovery Zone – This area gives guests the opportunity to learn more about space and train like to be an astronaut. Some of the fun features include a spacesuit, an astronaut training challenge, and a Mercury capsule.
  • 6D XD Motion Theater – This one-of-a-kind theater experience is an adventure that everyone enjoys. The 3D film features special effects, full-motion seating, and more.
  • “WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is a hotspot for tourists and residents alike,” added Stinnett. “We offer a range of fun and memorable activities for people of all ages, so it’s a place people don’t want to miss out on.”

    Inside this top attraction, WonderWorks Myrtle Beach exhibits focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), as well as art and more. The learning opportunities are fun and educational, providing the best experience for all ages.

    WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is located at 1313 Celebrity Circle and is open 365 days per year. Some of its programs include the WonderWorksWonderKids event, ART-OLINA Young Artist’s Gallery of the Carolinas, sensory days, group rates, birthday parties and a homeschool program.To learn more about its educational offerings and student groups, visit the site.