I Think Therefore I STEM

WonderWorks STEM Programs

It is the educational mission of WonderWorks to ignite a passion for Science within every visitor. WonderWorks has created, I Think, Therefore I STEM programs to drive the message home that STEM education is paramount to our nation’s ability to remain as the world’s leader in innovation and technology. WonderWorks has exclusively focused on Physical science, but is committed to go deeper into STEM education and in 2020 will develop more programs in Math, Technology & Engineering. In 2020, we kick off our annual science week with that broader focus in our educational programming during Science Week.

Our current programs for 2020 include:

And coming soon:

  • STEM Workshops On-Site & Traveling STEM Workshops:
  • – I Need a Mathcation
    – Engineering, What Does That Mean?
    – The Cloud, Not The One In The Sky
    – Water and The World