Safety First…

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WonderWorks cares about the health & safety of its guests and employees, therefore we have implemented the following approach as recommended by the CDC. In order to comply with these guidelines, your cooperation is needed as well:

  • Move around WonderWorks in any order to avoid crowds/close contact
  • Guests are encouraged to wear masks, but this is not required
  • We may not always be able to accept cash (based on bank change availability)
  • Sanitizer stations have been added throughout WonderWorks
  • Wash hands for no less than 20 seconds after restroom use
  • Restrooms are located on each floor
  • Sneeze and/or cough in the bend of the elbow
  • Do not enter the building if you are sick, with fever, or any other COVID-19 symptoms
  • Some of our interactive exhibits may be closed during your visit
  • WonderWorks is disinfected with CDC/EPA approved products
  • Employees are given health screenings daily

Thank you for choosing to spend time with us! We are in this together. Enjoy your visit!

Learn more information on COVID-19.