STEM Programs

WonderWorks STEM Programs

It is the educational mission of WonderWorks to ignite a passion for science within every visitor. WonderWorks has created, I Think, Therefore I STEM programs to drive home the message that STEM education is paramount to our nation’s ability to remain the world’s leader in innovation and technology. WonderWorks has exclusively focused on physical science and art but is committed to going deeper into STEM education and is building more programs in math, technology & engineering.

Our On-Site & Community Programs Include:

  • WonderWorks’ WonderKids Event
  • SM-ART: Smoky Mountain Youth Art Gallery
  • Science Fair Partnerships. We partner with local and state science fairs to provide prizes and support. Please reach out to if you are interested in partnering with us on your science fair.
  • On-site STEM exhibits and activities. WonderWorks offers a variety of STEM-related exhibits for a hands-on experience with every visit. We also do periodic activities and demonstrations such as Drop the Egg, Get Slimed, and Pop the Balloon Challenge.
  • Science Fun Facts
  • Solar System Worksheet
  • Educational Kid’s Activity Sheets

New Exhibit At Wonderworks:
Celebrating STEM Careers

STEM careers are growing exponentially, far more than the number of people studying these diverse fields. More than 30% of Americans say they would encourage high school students to pursue jobs in STEM-related fields. With the help of parents, mentors, teachers, Professor Wonder, and YOU— we can help encourage STEM careers. Let’s Do This! WonderWorks will spotlight various careers in STEM in this exhibit!

STEM Career Spotlight: Check out our current career here!
If you work in a STEM position and want your job highlighted, let us know by emailing

Grant Programs & Resources:
There are many resources and grants available to both educators and students. Here’s a few resources to help begin your STEM studies: