Hidden Rocks

Introducing WonderWorks’ Newest Team Member…


Let The Great Orbit Bone Hunt Begin!

Did you know, WonderWorks has hidden rocks, can you find them? This season, instead of rocks we need help finding Orbit’s bones!

In all the excitement of joining the WonderWorks team, Orbit forgot where he hid all his bones and needs your help to find them! Orbit remembers having 5 bones and they are all located within the Pigeon Forge area! Did you find one of Orbit’s bones? Tag us on Facebook of you holding the bone and bring the bone and Orbit’s special note into WonderWorks to get your 2 free tickets!

Here are some quick bone facts, to get you geared up (robot humor) for your search!

Dogs have between 319 to 321 bones in their body, while humans have only 206!

The longest bone in dogs and humans is the femur, also known as the thigh bone!

In 1999, Sony created their robot dog Aibo and some models even came with an aibone toy for Aibo to play with!