Imagination LabGet creative on this gigantic version of Lite-Brite! Rearrange the colored pegs to create a beautiful masterpiece. Your picture will glow as you place the colored sticks into the black wall. Use your imagination to create your own design, make your favorite animal, a fast car, or pretty flowers!


Imagination LabThis interactive sandbox lets you be the creator of your own landscape. Dig ocean trenches, build Jurassic mountains or create safari flatlands. You have the power! This is all possible through augmented reality. While you interact with the sand in the real-world, computer-generated sensors cause the elements to react to what you are doing.


Imagination LabGears are wheels with teeth that are used in machines to make work easier. When two gears are connected, the smaller gear will spin faster but with less force, while the bigger gear will spin slower but with greater force. Arrange the gears, big and small, so their teeth are interlocking. Slowly spin one of the gear wheels and see what happens. Are they all spinning at different paces?